In addition to Mr. Bacon’s considerable attention to the home’s beauty, practicality and durability, an equal amount of attention has been given to the many other important, but often neglected aspects of aesthetics that comprise the real basis of the owner’s physical comfort and mental well-being.

The home would be beautiful, practical and durable without these measures, but with them, this home promises to be one of the most comfortable, healthy, safe, and efficient homes ever built. These enduring qualities are rare today because they cost more to build but these farsighted investments will pay dividends for generations to come thus assuring the home’s lasting value and legacy.

Every system and component of the home was planned, designed and specified with the above goals in mind. For example: in addition to being non-combustible, and termite resistant, the internally insulated concrete and steel structure offers the many comforts and efficiencies inherent in the exposure of well-distributed thermal mass; not only does the home’s air-conditioning system maintain comfortable air temperature at all times, it maintains internal air pressures that prevent particulate infiltration even as it insures high indoor air quality by thoroughly filtering and efficiently tempering all incoming air; in addition to highlighting the architecture and its contents, the home’s lighting system is designed and specified to enhance the occupant’s mood and physiology by automatically shifting the color of the artificial light throughout each day in sync with the color shifts of the ambient sunlight as the sun’s angle of incidence changes constantly throughout the year relative to the earth; not only does the home’s three-phase electrical service improve the efficiency of the home’s fan, pump, compressor, and lift motors, it’s efficiency is further supplemented by roof-mounted solar panels that energize a whole-house battery backup system; all motors are variable frequency, direct-drive type that operate very efficiently at low output levels; all of the home’s operable systems are fully integrated, fully transparent, and are wirelessly and remotely accessible on command.

The physics employed by each of these systems as well as their effects on the physiology and psychology of the occupants is summarized below followed by a brief summary of the cumulative effects of these technologies on the shared environment and ecosystems in which they exist.

The Physics and Psychometrics of Thermal Mass

The Acoustic Benefits of Thermal Mass

The Safety and Security of Fire-Resistive Construction

The Reduced Risks and Insurance Benefits of High-Durability Construction

The Health and Comfort Benefits of Maintaining High Levels of Indoor Air Quality

The Comfort and Health Benefits of Diurnal Color-Shifted Lighting

The Security of Uninterruptible Multi-source Electrical Power Delivery

The Comfort and Convenience of Automated Solar Shade, Privacy, and Security Shutter Systems

Internet and Cellular Signal Amplification Systems