Personalizing The Bacon House at Desert Mountain

Once you have decided to purchase The Bacon House, Mr. Bacon will meet with you to personalize your home’s usage of spaces, it’s fittings, furnishings, and household items to assure that these elements reflect your individual tastes and lifestyle preferences.

As the result of a comprehensive (and exhausting!) design review process, Desert Mountain has approved the siting and exterior appearance of the home as is it illustrated in the rendered images so these aspects of the home are fixed. Mr. Bacon has very carefully designed every surface and meticulously chosen the interior materials to complement the home’s exterior and fulfil the clean but warm ambiance of its early modern vision. Nevertheless, he assures that, if desired, some items such as the species and grain pattern of wood paneling and incidental metal finishes may be personalized.

To deliver the ultimate in luxury and convenience, Mr. Bacon has also curated a complete collection of furnishings and household items (available separately) that complement the home’s quality and character and represent the very best of 20th Century modern design. Included in the price of the separate furnishings package Mr. Bacon will assist you in selecting and procuring alternative items or tailoring the curated collection to your individual tastes.

The home’s structure is designed as an enduring backdrop to showcase both its occupants and its contents. To this end, Mr. Bacon’s aim is to assure that the selection and specification of the movable items are a true reflection of you, your family, and your lifestyle.

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