The ‘Core’ of The Bacon House

The essential living ‘core’ of the 9,860 square foot Bacon House at Desert Mountain is 3,650 square feet of conditioned living area. This means that the home can live as large or small as the need or occasion demands, without the owners having to walk through or past unoccupied rooms.

Furthermore, the “Laundry/Craft” room is currently outfitted with two desk areas (one facing south and one facing north) which allows this convenient location to serve as a very nice “Office” for one or both occupants.

For those buyers wishing to ‘scale down’ without cutting back on their opportunities to entertain, have multiple house guests, or gather the extended family, this plan arrangement offers an ideal solution. Despite its overall size, the home’s inherent energy efficiency and the way it is functionally and mechanically ‘zoned’ allows it to be operated very economically when not in full use.


The home’s overall size affords extraordinary flexibility without compromising the comfort,
convenience, and economies of daily living. To view complete detailed drawings: