The Bacon House, A Living Gallery:
Fulfilling the Passionate Collector’s Dreams

The Collector’s Galleries of The Bacon House are a dream come true for those who wish to honorably display their most prized possessions and to enjoy them regularly as an integral part of adorning and enriching their daily lives. The museum quality Collectors Galleries are housed in a beautiful, safe, secure, and climate-controlled environment and have been outfitted to accommodate large and heavy items such as automobiles and large sculpture.

Equal to beauty and comfort, durability and functionality are paramount among the many criterion Bacon uses to define truly successful architecture. In this unique creation Bacon set about to beautifully combine the functions of a world-class collector’s gallery with those of a comfortable living and entertaining space, all incorporated into one healthy, durable, and self-sustaining home.

The main Collector’s Gallery space of the Bacon House is an exquisitely integrated compliment to its living space, yet both have been thoughtfully arranged to assure their different environmental and safety demands while each contributes to the daily enjoyment of the other. While the home’s living spaces are themselves galleries for the display of fine art and furnishings, the main galleries are dedicated to the display and enjoyment of the owner’s most prized collections.

Because Bacon and his partner are both ‘car guys’ the home’s main galleries are thoughtfully arranged and professionally equipped for the display of automobiles and automotive art. Specifically, the galleries’ terrazzo floors, column free space, and custom lighting, as well as its dedicated air-conditioning and fire protection systems are all designed to satisfy the unique demands and requirements of auto enthusiasts and serious collectors of the motive arts. But Bacon is quick to point out, these galleries offer an unsurpassed and highly flexible environment suitable for any hobby, activity, or collection that may demand generous space and precise environmental control.

If you have dreamed of living in an ideal, sunny, disaster-free location, while surrounded by your most prized collectibles, Bacon has created a home and gallery for you in Scottsdale, Arizona’s, Desert Mountain Community; a home that is sure to fulfill the dreams of just one lucky buyer such as you.

To assure a fuller understanding the home’s arrangement of space be sure to review the x-ray views of the home, and to gain better appreciation of its many subtle details, we invite you to check out the amazingly accurate renderings and realistic digital artistry prepared by long-time Bacon protégé Steven Sanmarco, whose studio and business is known as “”

The design team will be prepared with a building permit to begin construction early next year and has carefully prepared to have it ready for stress-free occupancy in less than two years. To better assure everyone’s peace-of-mind, and to eliminate any remaining uncertainties, Mr. Bacon plans to be thoroughly involved throughout every aspect of the home’s construction, furnishing, and delivery processes; not only assuring its quality but assisting everyone in the project’s smooth execution and management.

If you would like to see detailed specs and technical information
about the collector’s gallery: